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Emergency Overflow Plumbing Services

Emergency Overflow Services

If you break a pipe (a fairly frequent case); it only takes a few minutes to create a pool in your home that no one would have the pleasure of having. Panic arrives and you can’t understand where all that water comes from … In these cases, the Emergency Overflow Services are very important, given that the risk is to occur even greater damages. Such as the possible overflowing of your apartment. By contacting the highly qualified plumbers in Somerset we work with and equipped with all the necessary equipment, you can enjoy the support of a professional in the field.

The inspection is essential before carrying out an intervention in the event of overflowing or risk of flooding and assessing the extent of the damage. All the services of the specialized technicians we provide are then carried out in a professional manner. Above all with the confidence of using the latest technology. Unfortunately, overflow can always happen when a pipe breaks, or when a heavy shower overflows basements. In this case, the plumbers will use the latest technology of water pumps, with a high capacity. In a short time, they will solve the emergency.

 Emergency Overflow Services in Somerset

Overflow Problem Solution

Technology gives us an economical solution. The system consists of overflow sensors (installed near the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc.); connected to the alarm control unit and in turn connected to the solenoid valve or autoclave. The system has double protection:

  1. The appropriately programmed system, (whenever we leave the house and insert the alarm) closes the water. So the water system is no longer under pressure and there are no more risks of sudden water leaks.
  2. From the moment in which a sensor comes into contact with water; (in the case where the first point mentioned above is not implemented) it sends the alarm command to the control unit. Which provides both for the immediate closure of the water and the forwarding of text messages and/or telephone calls to the user. In this way, the overflowing is prevented and the user is notified.

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