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Burglar alarm at home | The advantages of installing it

Do I need an alarm?

Burglar alarm installation: There are about 250,000 domestic thefts in Italy per year, with repeated thefts increasing the most, due to criminals exploiting a decline in police response. It is therefore important to protect your property from initial and repeated thefts. Even if you live in a qualitative safe area.

If you are still wondering if you need a home burglar alarm, read on. To discover 5 benefits of home security systems.

Burglar alarm installationDiscourage a burglary before it happens.
One of the main advantages of installing an alarm on your property is that it can discourage a break-in before it happens. The thieves do not want to be discovered, so they will avoid difficult intrusions that could attract attention. 89% of ex-inmates admitted they would be discouraged from targeting a home with a smart security system. By having a clear burglar alarm and/ or security system installed in your home, you are making it a more difficult step. For an intruder to break in. And are likely to move to an easier target.

5 ways a burglar alarm can benefit your home

Protect your home from theft.

The average house contains a large number of valuables. From car keys, to jewellery, cell phones and electronics, homes are a key target for criminals.

Installing an anti-theft device means that if an intruder is detected, the motion sensors will be activated. Also, to notify yourself and/ or neighbours, an alarm will sound. That there has been a raid on your property.

Some of the more sophisticated alarm systems can even automatically alert the police and a designated person. Which acts to dramatically narrow the thief’s window of opportunity and protect your home from theft.

Provide peace of mind when away from home.

Do you worry about being away from home for long periods? Are you wary of the safety of your facility when you are on vacation? By installing an alarm, you can be sure that your home is safe, protected and monitored. Even when it is uninhabited. In the event of an intrusion, your security system will notify you. So that you know if there is an intruder.
You can purchase an intrusion monitoring system which, in case an alarm is triggered in your facility, will contact the designated keyholder, alert the police, and / or send a guard response. This is a great option for remote properties that may not have surrounding neighbours to hear the alarm.

Reduce home insurance premiums.

Investing in a home alarm is the easiest way to reduce costs and save on home insurance. The more protected your home is,  likely targets the less. Which means your property is less at risk. Insurance premiums will therefore be lower than if you didn’t have to install a security system.

Increase the value of your property.

Home security is an attractive and neat feature for potential homebuyers. Everyone wants to feel protected from harm in their home. Which means that investing in a home burglar alarm will have a positive impact. On the value of your home when it comes to selling.

Increases the likelihood that the police will stop criminals.

Somerset Electrician Emergency Response: The installation of a burglar alarm in your home, therefore, offers many key benefits in addition to notification of a break-in. Furthermore, contact us today.

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